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Social Media

These two words can really freak people out. But honestly, it doesn't have to. One of the questions I get when discussing social media with Small Businesses is which platforms should I use? Which platform should you use? Facebook Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with more than two billion users.  Instagram…
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Buena Vista Realty in Portales, NM

I was so excited for the opportunity to redesign the Buena Vista Realty website! I faced a few challenges but I think the end product is quite nice! We updated the way the listings displayed by adding larger photos and printer friendly page. Let us know what you think! Visit: www.buenavista-nm.com
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Parmer County

Some of our clients are on a type budget so we redesign their website but updating the design slightly. We just updated the layout of the Parmer County website so that it would be responsive and mobile friendly. http://parmercounty.org
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