Signs you need a new website

  1. Your website is not "responsive". Does your website shift and transform its images to appear in an approriate size and placement on yoru webiste with differnt platforms? You need to be sure your website pulls up quickly and looks good on on platforms (mobile, tablet, & desktop) so that your business can stay up-to-date with these changing consumer habits.
  2. It doesn't impress. If you find yourself apologizing for how bad your website is, or if your website does not make your company look better than it is, than you need a new website!
  3. Your site doesn't have a purpose. If you are not generating sales, leads or selling a product on your site, you need a new one! Website are not billboards or virtual pamphlets. You should be able to measure how many leads your website is generating for you.
  4. Looks like its from the dinosaur age. Simply put, if your website looks old people will not take the time to check it out. And, if your site looks old, that means it’s outdated, which also means it’s probably hard to navigate. You should have lots of graphics pointing to main services and products, main navigation tabs should highlight key areas of your business, and a call to action should be on every page.

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