Monthly Archives: March 2017

Responsive Design

In 2015, Google rolled out a change to the search engine algorithms which now factor in a website’s mobile presence as a ranking signal. This reason alone can justify why responsive design is important! Simply put, a website needs to be usable on a smartphone. This includes elements such as: readable text without requiring zoom, adequate space for…
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Website Must Haves

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Design- must be able to view your website on all platforms without having to zoom. User Experience Look & Feel- User experience is key when it comes to converting consumers into customers and turning your website visitors into converters. Expert, Influential Content- Relevant, engaging content has never been more important for your website. People are…
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Signs you need a new website

Your website is not "responsive". Does your website shift and transform its images to appear in an approriate size and placement on yoru webiste with differnt platforms? You need to be sure your website pulls up quickly and looks good on on platforms (mobile, tablet, & desktop) so that your business can stay up-to-date with these changing consumer habits.…
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